This was a research project I did back in school. It translates German verb tenses into their English counterparts.


A quick-fix for getting git stash in SVN.

Star Trek: The Next Rescue

The Next Rescue (yes, I was playing off “The Next Generation”, for obvious reasons) is a game written entirely in IBM8080 assembly. Let that sink in…let the pain of this project sink in. Now add to that that it features VGA graphics, background (what can generously be called) music, file system interaction, and who knows what other pain I eventually worked into the project. Before you ask, this was a project I did for school.

Java to C++ Translator

This was yet another school project. Take a gander at the supported language features: vtables, inheritance, method overloading, property overloading, method chaining, garbage collection, and arrays. You’re probably thinking to yourself that this doesn’t seem so bad; I mean, C++ has pretty much all these features. Well, prepare yourself: none of the corresponding C++ features were used. This was all done by hand (as it were). Why? you ask? Because the professor told us to.


Soccer Playing Rovio

Yeah, that’s right, I programmed a Rovio robot to play soccer. Well, it was nothing intense, and there was no kicking, but he managed to score a goal.


This is nothing fancy: I programmed this little guy to follow a black line on the ground.


The perceptron is kinda cool: I wrote a little program that could recognize (quite accurately) the letters A and E from different angles (sort of like handwriting recognition…but done in 2 days).