Who is this Andrew Stone guy?

Well, you’re probably more interested in the me I am now: presently, I’m working with a little company called iHeartRadio on some super-secret, high-scalability projects.

These days, I spend a great deal of my time working in C, but by night, I work in whatever language I feel like. Take, for example, this site: sure, there’s a little javascript wizardry going on, but it’s all Jekyll on the “backend” (and includes a few ruby plugins I’ve written).

Or take a look at some of the other projects I’ve done. I mean, I’ve been through python, c++, php (dark times they were), java, and even lush, so there’s no telling what I’ll do next. No, seriously, I don’t really even know what I’m going to do next (it might not even be in English). I know it will involve computers and stuff, but what it is…who knows.

How do I contact him?

I’m sure you know what this is, no need to explain: andrew@clovar.com